1. Low power dissipation.

  2. 1.5V/3V operating voltage range. TM87ML25L 1.5V Power Mode TM87ML25H 3V Power Mode 2. Powerful instruction set.

  3. Binary addition, subtraction, BCD. BCD can be executed directly in addition, subtraction.

  4. 4 bits x 4 bits Multiplier

  5. Single-bit manipulation (set, reset, decision for branch).

  6. Various conditional branches.

  7. 16 initial working registers and manipulators. (can be extended to all RAM by Page Mode)

  8. Table look-up.

  9. LCD driver data transfer. 3. ROM (MTP) capacity. 3K x 16 bits.

  10. Instruction ROM Max. capacity 3K x 16 bits.

  11. Table ROM Max. capacity 4K x 8 bits.

  12. Endurance: 1000 cycles (min.) 4. RAM capacity. 384 x 4 bits. 5. With direct/index addressing mode in data RAM access. 6. LCD driver output.

  13. Max 240 LCD dots by 6common outputs and 40 segment outputs.

  14. SEG24~39 can be defined as IOA1~4/CX, RR, RT, RH, IOB1~4/ELC, ELP, BZB, BZ, IOC/KI1~4, IOD1~4 by option.

  15. 1/1~1/6 Duty can be selected by option.

  16. 1/2 ~1/3 Bias can be selected by option.

  17. Single instruction to turn off all segments.

  18. COM1~6, SEG1~40 can be defined as CMOS or P_open drain type output by option.

  19. Built-in regulator mode for VL1/2 by option.